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Open Letter to Lake Howell High School

I wanted to find a way to thank Lake Howell High School for the amazing experience CJ has had for the last six years. Posting an open letter was the only way I could think of to reach as many people as possible. So, here it is.

Dear Lake Howell High School,

I wanted to write this letter to the whole school from our whole family. The last six years of CJ’s life have been some of the best of his entire life. From being in the dugout at baseball games to the side lines of the football games, his life just gets better and better every year. CJ thinks he owns the school and it is all because of all of you. The administration, the coaches, the teachers, the assistants in his class and most of all the students. You have all accepted him as one of you and treated him like a rock star.

The football game that he got to play in was a highlight of his life that he still talks about. Working in the cafeteria has made him feel like he has a purpose. He loves being on campus. He loves the bus drivers. He loves everyone there so much. I wish I could name everyone of you personally.

Not all kids with special needs are treated the way CJ is at school. Not all schools go the lengths that Lake Howell has to make him feel included. I know when his class first started there everyone was nervous. It only took weeks for everyone to realize that CJ was really just one of the guys and for everyone to treat him like one.

There is not enough money to buy what CJ has gotten at Lake Howell High School. I wish there was some way to shout to the world how wonderful Lake Howell is.

There is no way for our family to begin to thank everyone enough. Lake Howell will always be CJ’s school and he will miss everyone more than you can ever know.

Thank you.

Kathleen Williams, aka, CJ’s mom