Signing on the Dotted Line

Sign on the dotted lineWell, I finally did it.  “It” is in the mail.

I sent off all the guardianship paperwork to the attorney.  I sent the applications for my husband and I to be approved as guardians of our own child.  (I was thinking that 18 years of parenting would qualify us, but I understand why they have to be careful)  I also sent the applications for my mother and sister to be successor guardians.  I sent a letter from his doctor saying that he was disabled and would be for life.  The diagnosis was there in black and white.  It was a little hard to look at, as this time, it is for eternity.

My sister, who is still in the most denial about CJ’s condition, says that in her head she keeps thinking, hoping, dreaming that he will just wake up one day and be typical.


I also sent a copy of his IEP and his paperwork from the state showing that he receives services.  All of this along with a big check.

I put it in the mail.  It’s done.  Now, the waiting begins.

I applied for Social Security Disability on CJ’s behalf as well, and sent the SSA the paperwork at the same time.  I think I thought it would make me feel better somehow to make him permanently disabled in writing all at once on the same day.  I’m not sure how that’s working for me, so far….

As I sit now, dealing with the State of Florida’s APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) about his services and our insurance company about his medications, I am realizing that this is never going to go away.

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that when her son turned 18, something was said about being all being together forever and planning for retirement for three and not just two.  It was said in jest and it was funny, but it was so so true at the same time.

We are truly entering a new and unchartered chapter in our lives.  I don’t wanna go.  Can we send Captain Kirk instead?  Mr. Spock would be really useful right now!!

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