Autistic Guardianship or The Lid on Pandora’s Box

Autism Adult GuardianWell, I’ve done it now.  I have actually started.  I have a appointment to meet with an attorney about guardianship. I have started the research on a non-profit organization to build a house for CJ, his friends, and hopefully others like him.  And I have let this blog go live.

There is a part of me that is so empowered and excited.  There’s a part of me that is scared to death.  There is a lot riding on this.  My son really does need to “move out” and become more independent.  He is happier when he is with his own friends, doing his own activities.  He loves going to youth group and camp.  He loves going to baseball and football practices and games at school.  I love seeing him happy.  I love the idea of restoring some balance to our lives.

There is a HUGE learning curve with all of this.  There are big questions.  Can I do it by myself?  Do I need an attorney?  Do I need an accountant?  How does it all run?  Will it end up costing more this way?  Will it end up being more work this way?

There are so many unknowns at this point.


  1. Laurie Fuller says:

    Hi. I am Debbie’s friend. Your posts are familiar to me, as my oldest sister is mentally disabled. When she turned 18, my parents were so fortunate to live in Madison, Wis., where there was a state of the art facility for adults like Julie, who were able to hold down jobs or go to other supported work-type sites during the day and then return home at night to a resident adult who would assist with meals, recreation, housework, etc. My parents thought Julie was set for life. Unfortunately, after about 15 years, Orchard Hill shifted its service population to adults with more profound disabilities and Julie needed a place to go. My parents got together with other parents and bought a four-plex home in a residential neighborhood on Madison’s East side. Three of the units contained residents, while a caretaker lived in the fourth. All residents must have work or training during the day, and they come back to Hoover Drive every evening.

    For my sister, Hoover Drive is home. While I wish there were more stability in the caretaker role, for the most part it has been a great situation for Julie. I would have to ask my Dad about the actual structure of Julie’s living situation. I’m not sure who hires the resident there to assist the clients. But it sounds like exactly what you envision.

    You might research other, more progressive cities and communities for models upon which to create something for your son.

    You and your family will be in my prayers.

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