FamilyKathleen is a biographical nightmare, but a pretty damn fine mom.  She tested as an ENTJ on her free internet version Meyers-Briggs test, which means she want to conquer the world by coupon-ing it into submission and then knitting it a sweater.  She refuses to label her multiple personalities a disorder, and it’s anyone’s guess on any given day whether her frustrated inner ballerina, C-Level Executive interrupted, or Martha Stewart on a severe budget will answer the door.  She is wife to a man who long ago realized he married a perambulating Five Year Plan, and is mother to two kids and two cats.  There are locks on her refrigerator.  She believes in Jesus, Jo-Ann’s and the Salvation Army.

Her current 5 year plan involves forming a non-profit foundation with the goal of building integrated work/housing opportunities for adults with Autism. As Year 2 begins, she is well on her way!


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  1. Grammie says:

    You have done a fabulous job with this blog and as mom to CJ and Elizabeth. I could not be prouder of you! I love you. mom