Define “Selective”

army-recruiting-uncle-sam-posterI just registered CJ with the Selective Service.

Let’s take a minute to think about that.

The law requires all male citizens when they turn 18 to register with the SS.  Granted, the law says “all,” but don’t you kind of assume that “all” wouldn’t include anyone with legal paperwork in hand that says he won’t be assuming the duties and responsibilities of being an adult due to disability?

Apparently not.  I wouldn’t have given it any thought, except for the part on the Guardian Advocate paperwork that said that we had the authority to register him for Selective Service.  THAT set off an alarm bell in my head.  Huh??  Why on earth would I do that?  Wait.  What?  Register who?

We have gotten several cards in the mail from the Marines, as well as from several colleges all trying to recruit him.  My husband keeps threatening to fill out and send back the cards to the Marines and see if we could work something out. (Insert wink, wink here.)

So I did it like I do so many other apparently absurd things when it comes to CJ.  The SS expects it.  It is a rule.  Heck, it’s a federal law.  Plus, it just plain takes too long to explain to some bored government employee on the phone or apply to get the exemption.

The information was basic.  I didn’t realize that you didn’t really give them any personal information.  I did it on line.  And I learned a few things. states:  “Disabled men who live at home must register with Selective Service if they can reasonably leave their homes and move about independently. A friend or relative may help a disabled man fill out the registration form if he can’t do it himself.

“Men with disabilities that would disqualify them from military service still must register with Selective Service. Selective Service does not presently have authority to classify men, so even men with obvious handicaps must register now, and if needed, classifications would be determined later.

Let’s see….

1.  Reasonably leave home and move about independently.  Check.

2.  Friend or relative to fill out paperwork.  Check.

3.  Obvious “handicap.”  Check.

Classification to be determined later.  I wonder how much later.  Maybe after 8 weeks of bootcamp, a long overseas ride in a cargo plane and some time in a trench?  This is starting to sound like a “based on a true story” TV movie waiting to happen.  Tom Hanks would be involved somehow.

Go for it!  CJ with a gun….make that an military-issued automatic weapon.  Admit it.  You have never felt so safe.



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