B-Day is D-Day

CJ's cakeHappy Birthday, CJ!

Well…here we are. He is officially 18…an adult.  We are officially NOT in charge.

There were no casualties at the party. The cake was awesome and the friends were even better!

Now, I am stalking the attorney.  I emailed the office 7/30 for an update.  Tick Tick Tick Tick.  Remember that while we can file the paperwork for guardianship with the court, the court can’t act on it until CJ turns 18.  But the second he turns 18, he’s a legal adult and a free agent until the judge gets around to saying otherwise.  If he gets into medical trouble or legal trouble before then, he’ll be treated as an adult able to consent to care or otherwise.
This scenario gives me nightmares at the moment.
I was told that everything was filed with the county and we were waiting for a response from them.  We should know something “the next week.”  I managed to wait until the end of last week (it was heroic) and emailed again.  Again…the case is filed and will be handled by the attorney the beginning of next week.
A startling thought occurred to me:  could it be that this is all routine for them and not the center of this known universe and any others that might be next door to ours?  Could it be that they feel a legal play by play is unnecessary?  When I agreed to a retainer in return for a legal perspective, maybe that wasn’t an unspoken agreement to make my perspective their own.  Did I get it backwards??
Well…it is NOT routine for me and I can’t sleep at night.  My son is legally naked, so to speak, and it bothers me.  A lot.
I actually fell asleep while I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday.
Oh fantastic.  Apparently, the judges are all out at a conference.  Ugh.

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  1. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday, CJ!

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